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Kim, 27, female, Dutch, translator, happily engaged. ♥

Himchan is my spirit animal.

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The Best of Supernatural Posts 1/?



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저희 단장님께서 신발을 하나 주셨어요…이걸 받게 될 줄이야


Our director gave us shoes…I never knew I’d be able to accept this

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Me: “dad am i adopted?”
Dad:no, ur David. why woud anyone name you ‘Adopted’? even if we wanted to, ur name was alredy David when we adopted you

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When food is not daehyun's style.

Daehyun : I like sushi. I dislike seafood. 

When I was little I could not eat most seafood, but now I can eat them slowly. When I was little, they looked somehow gross, and they tasted weird, but now as an adult I’m slowly getting used to them.  


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Q to HC: Who is the most ticklish member? *Tickles Daehyun who squirms & says what!?!*

A: Daehyun [x] 

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140215 Illsan Fanaccount


So it was at Kintex building room 307 which is like a conference room. We got our numbers and were let in around 5:30pm. For a half hour fanstaff walked around helping people and the managers walked in and out of a back door. Finally the door opened and BAP came out.

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[TRANS] RIVERIVER vol. 4 - B.A.P Full Interview


My target is your heart ♡

Pulling off a magnificent comeback with their 4th single “Excuse Me”, the six who heat up the world are here to shoot at your heart!

With their one year Japanese debut anniversary coming up, they’ve released their 4th Japanese single “Excuse Me”. Breaking through previous notions with an individual style and strong performance, as well as a final goal of “conquering the world with music”, they are a sometimes-hot-sometimes-cold-to-their-fans six people who’ve flown out from Korea to Japan, China, America, Europe and other places around the world.

To the members who appeared at the studio with a chic suits style, they replied with a soft “yes” when we asked them to briefly explain this time’s concept and presented each of themselves in front of the camera with the James Bond image they thought of. When we said “photoshoot, start”, each of them posed lively, shot after shot without hesitation in front of the camera. They just looked so cool that I unconsciously made an “oh~!!” sound.

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